Life Goals

finding myself

while having fun

chasing dreams 

while counting stars


Life Goals:

• Be fluent in 10 languages

english, mandarin, japanese, korean, thai, spanish, swedish, swahili and more

• Publish a book

on what topic thought?

• Live in Japan for a year

I’m fascinated by their culture and people and looove their food. I want to take my time to explore and soak up the atmosphere of every prefecture. There’s just so much to discover. (I think those promo videos during Japanese class had an effect on me.) But I think it’ll be when I am more financially stable, when I am 30+ perhaps?

• Start up a video essay channel

to talk about issues that I care about or maybe analysis videos. but I will need a lot of research and knowledge to be doing that so this might take a while.

• In progress



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