anxiety therapy

breathe in

through your nose

down your throat

into your lungs

hold it there


breathe out

breathe in

feel your lungs slowly inflate

breathe out

feel your lungs slowly deflate

breathe in

feel the lightness of the air fill your head

breathe out

feel the air flush the negativity out of your head

close your eyes

breathe in

breathe out

until you don’t feel the urge to stop breathing

once and for all

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it’s becoming apparent

that anxiety has manifested.

heart pounding against ribs,

hearing every beat,

clouded with thoughts,

crying on my bed, sobs.


somebody, anybody

pull me up, help me

i cry into the lonely scenery

as i sink into this pit of self pity.


i know i know 나도 알어

it’s not healthy at all.

how to suppress it all

when the quick sand slowly

devours my sanity.

skeptic. critic.

too much of a skeptic

too much of a critic

shouldn’t expect everyone to get it

if my words are cryptic

i tried to

help myself

hold on to myself.

but efforts were in vain.

so is this why people believe in a higher power

so that they can have hope in this selfish world

but a critic and skeptic i remain

until i gain new knowledge again


“Why does she try so hard?”

Do I try too hard?

“Why is she so awkward?”

Am I awkward..?

“Why is she so extra?”

Am I too loud…..?

“Ew what is that shirt she’s wearing?”

Is my shirt out of trend……..?

“Why is she so ugly but still thinks she’s popular?”

Why am I so ugly………………?

“Why doesn’t she dress up ?”

I should buy more trendy clothes……

“She should put some make up. lol.”

I should buy more make up…………….

“That’s too much make up…”

I put too much make up…………………….

“She tries too hard. Ew.”

I… I try too hard.

…. I-