I’m different

I’m different.
I’m just different.

Her and I are different
like angel and demon.
Her curled blonde hair
and my boyish cut
are world’s apart.

She’s perfect with her
mascara and red lipstick
while I’m average,
hoodie up with a plain chapstick.

I’m just different,
I’m not like the other pretty girls,
at all.

I’m just different,
but I’ll answer all of your midnight calls.

I’m just different
I’m not like the other stupid girls
at all.

I’m just different
I don’t want to be your rebound.

But I’m guess I’m not different.
I’m just like the other silly girls
and all.

I’m not different,
I come back to you

Inspired by Different by WINNER. I planned to finish writing my own lyrics for the song back in 2015 but now it’s almost 2019 and Imma put my own spin to it. Thanks for dropping by



But it isn’t them that I think of. It is her. It has always been her.

thinking of how we would visit these places together. thinking of how i would study her features. thinking how often i flush in front of her. thinking of her laughter when i do a silly dance. thinking of doing silly dances together.

It wasn’t them.

It has never been them.

words unsent

should i send it…?

…maybe tomorrow.






….maybe tomorrow will be better.









…maybe tomorrow will be a better time.






whats up

hi i want to talk about how i really really miss you and everyday i think about the ways to have enough courage to talk to you again so can we just forget what i said two years ago and be normal friends again because i don’t want to lose you as a close friend and maybe we can get back to how we were without you being awkward with the thought that i have unnecessary feelings for you anyway how are you doing


…tomorrow should be a better day.


annyeonghaseyo, how are you!

konnichiwa! ogenkidesuka?

Ni hao ma? Wo mei tian dou zai xiang ni ah

yo what’s up how ya doing 


hi how are you? 🙂


why the fuck

is my hand shaking,


over the send button?


sent 10:00pm