it’s becoming apparent

that anxiety has manifested.

heart pounding against ribs,

hearing every beat,

clouded with thoughts,

crying on my bed, sobs.

somebody, anybody

pull me up, help me

i cry into the lonely scenery

as i sink into this pit of self pity.

i know i know 나도 알어

it’s not healthy at all

how to suppress it all

when the quick sand slowly

devours my sanity.


Voices in my head

Voices in my head

say that I’m not great.

Till this date

no one can relate.

Keep it to myself ’cause

they don’t care,

they don’t listen,

they don’t understand.

Voices in my head speak the fear in my heart.

Maybe all these question marks

are where they should be,

locked in the dark.

skeptic. critic.

too much of a skeptic

too much of a critic

shouldn’t expect everyone to get it

if my words are cryptic

i tried to

help myself

hold on to myself.

but efforts were in vain.

so is this why people believe in a higher power

so that they can have hope in this selfish world

but a critic and skeptic i remain

until i gain new knowledge again

judge for yourself 

how should we judge a person
for all of us are hypocrites

intentional or otherwise

one person, many facades.

different situation, different tide.

different audience, different side.

we grow and mature over time

so should our mistakes be judged

and spoken words be remembered

when we are all bound to change

for better or for worse