i’m not nice

i’m not nice at all.

i’m not a nice person. i just do nice things.

but i’m not nice.

i don’t do things to be nice.

i just happen to do things that people think is nice.

stop saying that i’m not nice.

because i’m a bad bitxh

flowers in a garden

Kyon tries to smell them

plucks the small white ones

and puts them in his hair gently

in a neat row around his left ear

and the other, well,

Jemmt plucks the most colourful ones

stuffs them into his mouth

gobbles the flowers

Kyon chuckles and takes a yellow daisy and place it on Jemmt’s ear

Jemmt bends down and stuffs white dandelions into Kyon’s mouth

they snicker

at each other’s antics

garden in the air

soft petals descend

a waft of their scent

sweet, familiar, like an old friend


i reached out

one landed on my palm

without qualm


i look up

only trees

with their leaves and twigs


why are there

daffofils and roses

from above?


are they playing again?

showering earth with

flowers from their garden


this time it’s real

// inspired by baekhyun’s song – garden in the air

i want to pour beautiful words into a pool

i want to pour all these beautiful words into a pool
slowly, like honey
then dive into it

the way black ink dances on white paper
let that sink in,
savour the way a single word strike my senses
then a spark lights up

i am drunk on their beauty,
i drown in my feels,
then i can’t help but smile

close my eyes and i can still taste the words on my tongue,
with such power to make me believe

i can touch the stars in this night sky above me

i cant stop smiling like a drunkard at 3am



Sun and moon 🌕🌓🌑

you want me to be the sun.

my brightness is merely a reflection
so i show you my bright side.
day and night, just my bright side

my other side will always be dark
marked with holes and craters

i will always have darkness
darkness hidden from you.

so i smile

i smile for you


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happiness or productivity

i am happy

but i can’t be happy and productive at the same time

so i cry while i attempt to be productive

and i procrastinate when i have to do work

and i have guilt whenever i am happy.

i can’t decide

should i be happy or productive

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come back

An innate sadness to have seen that all I know of my neighbourhood,
my childhood to have building demolished.
These building that are part of my parents’ teenage years.

Then some point in time, you realise that those days will never come back.

Those landscapes,
those buildings
and that particular corner shop are gone and will not come back.

When I come back to these childhood sites, perhaps I, too, will never truly come back.

let’s go to space


if i can’t take a plane, i’ll ride a rocket. 

a rocket that can take me to outer space.

blast into environments that are foreign.

not enough oxygen or too much oxygen.

too close to the sun to burn or too far to understand the concept of warmth. 

too much fire to thread the land or too much gas and have nothing to land on.

hey moon, can i visit? i want to see all your craters and aliens. i want to see our home from your perspective. i want to see play with native rabbits on your land. in the night, you shine the brightest. but how bright is my home in your view?

hi mars, may i enter? ah, the planet of war and desire, terror and passion. i have my slingshots and we can shoot martian rocks at meteors and watch them crumble into space dust. we can skinny dip in the bubbling waters, and do pushups at the poolside.

dear venus, can i come in? let’s go to the blue hot springs for a sauna and use rocks to get a nice scrub. let’s watch the shooting stars while sipping a cup of fresh lava with a dash of romance. let’s watch a drive-in movie with volcanoes as our candlelight.

let me in, mercury. let’s play hide and seek. let’s watch as earth spins, as the sun rises, as the asteroids crash, as the moon sets, as we all go round and round and round and round the orbit.