“Why does she try so hard?”

Do I try too hard?

“Why is she so awkward?”

Am I awkward..?

“Why is she so extra?”

Am I too loud…..?

“Ew what is that shirt she’s wearing?”

Is my shirt out of trend……..?

“Why is she so ugly but still thinks she’s an influencer?”

Why am I so ugly………………?

“Why doesn’t she dress up ?”

I should buy more trendy clothes……

“She should put some make up. lol.”

I should buy more make up…………….

“That’s too much make up…”

I put too much make up…………………….

“She tries too hard. Ew.”

I… I try too hard.




…. I-






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will you ever be mine

Words I want to hear

but those from you

are for someone else,

I’m sure.

i wish those lyrics are meant for me

let me

be delusional delusional delusional

Hard work never betrays

I’m in an intermediate phase,
where pieces start to fall in place.
haste makes waste in this chase so keep this pace,
no rush to score that ace.
they will soon be amazed.
no matter what they say,
never let your vision stray,
hard work never betrays,
you’ll be here to stay.
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finals routine

Study, eat, study, sleep.

Repeat this for weeks.

Stress is at its peak

and the future seems bleak.

But remember,


giving up is for the weak.

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you are gold

I am willing to dirty my hands

and ditch my plans

to discover the gold

within the depths of your soul.

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hard work vs talent

Can everything be learnt

or are some just born different?



judge for yourself 

how should we judge a person
for all of us are hypocrites

intentional or otherwise

one person, many facades.

different situation, different tide.

different audience, different side.

we grow and mature over time

so should our mistakes be judged

and spoken words be remembered

when we are all bound to change

for better or for worse

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Somethings are meant to be unsaid.

Just nod and accept their rage.

Don’t you find it strange

that you find a friend within range

to do the same.

“I’m different” or so you claim.

But hold on to your debates against their fury.

When gossips spread, they get nasty

and you will see the last of me.

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sick and tired

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired of being sick and tired of being s ick and ti red of being s ic k and t i red of being s i c k and t i re d of being s i c k and t i r e d 
till I fall apart. 

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i hate it.

i hate me.

i hate me for loving myself.

i hate me for hating myself.

i hate me more than you hate me.

i hate that im hating myself for hating myself.

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